Version 2.0 is here - ScoutIQ has expanded beyond books - now you can scan anything with a barcode!

Scan it, list it, sell it.

ScoutIQ helps you find profitable books to sell on Amazon. Start a side hustle, or a full-time
business, with ScoutIQ.

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How It Works

Helping you scout smarter, not harder.

Scan It

Scan any book with ScoutIQ and instantly see the profit that can be made if sold on Amazon.

List It

 List and send off the books you've purchased to Amazon's warehouse.

Sell It

 When a book sells, Amazon ships it and you collect the profit.

I'm a rookie and today was my first time out scanning... 15 mins of work almost $50 in my pocket, not bad at all.


I was using [the other guys], almost every book I brought home was a dud. Then my son found ScoutIQ. What a difference! I know when I see the green ACCEPT light up, I can confidently buy it and make money. It's so much fun.


Bought 3 books from local Goodwill$1 a piece and ScoutIQ said they were keepers. They literally sold within days after hitting the warehouse. $50, $16, $8 ($70 profit.  ScoutIQ helped me find the gold...




Measures how often a book has sold in the past 6 months.

Downloadable Database

Scan books faster without the need for an internet connection.

Trade-In Value

Earn guaranteed cash by selling your books directly to Amazon.

Smart Triggers

Accept or Reject decisions based on how you would price each book.

Scan Tracker

Know how many books you’ve scanned and accepted from each source.

Profit-Based Approach

Sales price doesn’t matter… bank deposits do. Focus on the bottom line with ScoutIQ.

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